Tommy Bahama guest toiletries
Now in 2 ounce size!!!!

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  Chopard  luxury guest ameneties
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Lanvin guest ameneties
 Lanvin   luxury guest ameneties 
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 US DIVER  commercial grade
 masks, fins,snorkels, vests
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us diver masks

us diver fins

industrial strenght, affordable.

snorkel vest




Once a year yacht polish. .

restructure wax

Restructure Marine Polish
Professional boat care system

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Watermakers & Parts

OEM best price membranes on sale now !!

All watermakers supported.

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watermaker with no... propietary parts made locally !!





OEM watermaker membranes 


 We have just established a resources for any size and type watermaker membrane.

This will be a huge cost savings to anyone with a watermaker.

     Call us now, we can offer you these membranes at remarkable pricing compared to brand name,
    when in fact they are    the exact same item at considerable savings.
    All we need is the number and size. Fast shipping available.



  What we did for Christmas 


    Adventures in yacht concierge 


Christmas Day 2009.

    The presents were unopened under the tree, it was 9AM in the morning.

    We answered the phone    from a "frantic" crew member who announced another company
    had just announced 1 hour earlier   that they could not provide them with Kosher food as promised
    for an upcoming charter that was going to take place in two days.

We put down our coffee, jumped in the car, drove 60 miles one way to the only Kosher supermarket  in the regional are.

 Since it was Friday, Christmas, we had to that day as the market was closed on Saturday.  

      We then chartered an aircraft who flew the food items the  very next day to Nassau, and  our items  
      arrived just in time, in fact,  2 hours  before the clients  arrival.

   That's what we are committed to,  solving problems and coming to the aid of those that  call us.  



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